Today 51 children will be diagnosed with leprosy

Champa shows the patch on her arm caused by leprosyEvery day, children visit our referral centres to receive treatment for leprosy.

Children like Champa from Bangladesh. She was just 9 years old when she found a patch on her arm.

Luckily our community champion was able to refer her on for diagnosis straight away and Champa is now undergoing treatment and has no permanent disabilities.

However this story is often very different.

Due to lack of awareness and fear many people avoid seeking a diagnosis, or they may find their local health worker does not know about the disease either and so they are mis-diagnosed and given the wrong treatment.

The longer someone has to live with leprosy the more damage it causes.

By training community champions and health workers we are improving the knowledge of leprosy in remote communities across India, Bangladesh and Mozambique, helping to remove the stigma and ensure more people receive the correct treatment sooner.

Just £6 a month could train five more community champions a year, allowing us to find more children, women and men living with the effects of leprosy.

Our community champions can screen people and refer them on for treatment, they can also provide health education talks to entire communities to spread awareness of leprosy and the cure - this all helps to reduce the stigma surrounding the disease so people no longer feel afraid to come forward for treatment.

Help us find and treat more children today, so no child has to live with the devastating effects of leprosy

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