Imagine suffering abuse every day, just because you had a disease.

This is the life millions of people affected by leprosy are forced to live with - even after treatment.

Many are cast out of their communities and are unable to return to their homes because of misinformation, fear and wrong beliefs which surround leprosy. 

Mamta is 23 years old. She married her husband last year, yet her first year of marriage has been full of heartbreak, uncertainty and stigma. This is because, shortly after her wedding, she was diagnosed with leprosy.

When her husband found out about her diagnosis, he left her. 

She says "The moment my husband came to know I have leprosy, he said 'I don't want to be with you anymore. You can take care of yourself". 

She is currently taking the treatment for leprosy and is no longer contagious. Yet her husband will not let her return to her home in Bulandhshahar. She now lives with her family, far away in Delhi where we are providing support to help heal the blisters on her hands.

“I cannot go back to my in-laws because there is stigma there” she says, “By the way my husband talks, I know that he’ll never accept me again. My parents always tell me they will look for another partner for me. But I don’t want anybody else"

Sadly, stories like Mamta's are all too common. Women are shunned by their families, children are bullied and drop out of school and men are cast out from their communities.

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Nobody should live in fear of discrimination because they have experienced disease. 

With our community champions, health education programmes and self-help groups we work to educate communities on the signs and symptoms of leprosy and that it can be cured to help break down stigma. 

Last year we reached 1.3 million people with health education, yet Mamta's story shows that more needs to be done.

With just £32 we can reach another 500 people with our health education messages.

These health education talks show people in communities how to spot the early signs of the disease, where to get treated and that leprosy is not to be feared.

Through this simple method we can create a new understanding in a community, allowing for more acceptance.

This means more people seek diagnosis, disabilities are reduced, and fewer families are torn apart through fear and misunderstanding about the disease. 

With your help, more people will be reached with these life-changing messages.

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