Ramadan Mubarak! Sunday 4th May marks the start of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Muslim lunar calendar, which will continue until Tuesday 4th June.

Ramadan is an opportunity to purify the soul and bring an individual closer to Allah. Many people will fast from sunset to sunrise during Ramadan and helping others is encouraged during the holy month. Your support can help transform the lives of people affected by leprosy such as Komola.

Komola's story

Komola Bibi lives in a small village in Bangladesh. Over 13 years ago, she was diagnosed with leprosy and started multidrug therapy.

Unfortunately the diagnosis and treatment were not early enough to avoid permanent disability in her hands and feet. When her husband found out that she had the disease, he abused her and went on to abandon her.

Due to a lack of awareness and the prejudice associated with leprosy, Komola was isolated within her community as she had visible signs of the disease. She would walk from door to door, begging for food and money.

Recently she joined a Lepra self-help group and has renewed hope. She is still frightened, but knows that she no longer needs to beg. She rears goats to earn an income and also has a part-time job in a local shop. Her neighbours no longer reject her.

She lives with her brother and sister-in-law but would like to be independent. Our team monitors the damage to her hands and feet and has referred her for eye surgery because of a problem with her eyelid.

We have also provided custom-made shoes to improve her walking and to keep her safe from injury as she cannot feel sharp objects. Gradually she is regaining her independence.

This Ramadan you can help us to reach more women like Komola before it is too late.

You can make a difference

Just £3 can make a pair of customised footwear for a person affected by leprosy so they can walk without worry, or injury. This can enable a person to regain their confidence and give them the opportunity to work, providing financial independence.

£6 can pay for a community champion to visit the home of a person affected by leprosy and teach them, one on one, how to care for their affected body parts. Your support can help to reduce the number of disabilities caused by the disease.

£32 can run a disability care camp, reaching between 50-100 people in a village or leprosy colony. These camps can provide people with the skills to care for themselves, reducing potential injuries and infections. Additionally they can help to reduce prejudice by raising awareness about leprosy.