Every half an hour a child is diagnosed with leprosy.

Many children are diagnosed too late and they develop disabilities which seriously impacts their lives. This is due to misdiagnosis, which is sadly very common as leprosy knowledge is often low amongst healthcare professionals.

These children need your help.

Yes, I want to put a stop to childhood disability 

Murbarak, from India is only 12 years old and lived with undiagnosed leprosy for two years. He was misdiagnosed with polio and given the wrong medical treatment, which caused his condition to worsen over time.

Because of delayed treatment, he lost the sensation in his feet and due to injury had to have his toe amputated.

We are helping him by providing intense physiotherapy; however, he may also need reconstructive surgery if his condition does not improve. This requires a long stay away from home, which is disruptive and frightening to any child.

Pictured: Mubarak and his mother Sonia

No child should have their lives ruined by avoidable disability and endure the pain and heartbreak of living with undiagnosed leprosy.

We work to prevent the development of lifelong disabilities and last year we reached over 370,000 people with healthcare training to recognise the symptoms of leprosy and with school screening programmes.

With just £24, we can train six village doctors to recognise leprosy and ensure more children are diagnosed early.

You could help more children like Murbarak


Whatever you can give today will help prevent and reduce disabilities and allow children to return to a normal life, full of hope for the future.

By working together we can put a stop to childhood disability and we will be one vital step closer to a world without leprosy.