Please, can you give someone, like Maksuda, a new start this Christmas?

Your support this festive season can help people affected by leprosy regain their independence.

Accessing the cure for leprosy is a struggle for people across India, Bangladesh and Mozambique.

However, this isn't the only struggle people face. Even when people have received the cure, for many, the difficulties are far from over. 

Many face prejudice and discrimination, even from their own families. Can you imagine finding out you had leprosy and then facing isolation or losing your family?

Your donation today can help us to support people living with the discrimination and prejudice caused by leprosy and help them to regain a valued place in their community.

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Support after diagnosis  - Maksuda's story

Maksuda, from Bangladesh, looks directly at the camera

For Maksuda, her husband divorced her once he learned she had leprosy. This left her and her daughter homeless and without any means of income.

Our team, who had diagnosed Maksuda and were treating her, heard her story and provided her with a sewing machine and training to help her earn an income and secure a place to live.

Yet, despite her own difficult situation, Maksuda wanted to help others.

So, once her business was running smoothly, we also supported her to become a Community Champion. This means she can help others in her community to learn the symptoms and how to access treatment. 

Maksuda's business has gone from strength to strength, and she has now started a poultry farm, which allows her to fund her daughters' education.

And with our team's support, she has also set up a self-help group to support people who have been affected by leprosy and other diseases.

These self-help groups provide people affected with training and loans to allow them to set up their own businesses - much like Maksuda!

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Your support provides the crucial step to a new life

Maksuda stands in front of her poultry farm smiling

With your donations, we can find and support more people like Maksuda, who have lost everything to leprosy, and help them to find new sustainable ways to earn a living.

As you can see from Maksuda's story, this support can help people to fulfill their potential, lead a full and active life, and give back to their community. 

Leprosy and the prejudice people affected experience, can cause them to feel like they have lost all hope. Yet, with your help, they can build a fresh start and enjoy their independence. 

Please help to turn heartbreak into hope this Christmas.

Just £32 can help set up two self-help groups, like the one Maksuda started, and provide up to 20 people with the materials, funding and skills they need to start a new career. 

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Thank you for supporting people affected by leprosy, your gift will make a huge difference!