A donation today could help put an end to the poverty and suffering of people living with leprosy in Bangladesh. 

Leprosy still exists

Leprosy affects hundreds of thousands of people across the world each year - people like Ashraf Ali, where disabilities caused by this disease left him unable to work and provide for his family. 

Leprosy is completely curable, but sadly, many do not seek the treatment they so desperately need, as they are unable to recognise their symptoms or fear diagnosis due to the stigma associated with having this disease.

Serious consequences

If left untreated, leprosy destroys lives. It causes disability, which affects a person’s ability to earn a livelihood and often leads many on a downward spiral of poverty – forcing them to live without food or shelter.

Ashraf Ali’s story

Disability caused by leprosy left Ashraf Ali struggling to afford food for his family. They were forced into poverty and he was shunned by his family due to the stigma of this disease.

Determined to turn his life around, he decided to join a Lepra self-care group to improve his health and learn how to treat his ulcers so that he could go back to work. After our help, Ashraf Ali set up a successful vegetable growing business and has the money to provide for his family.

He says, “I am so happy now with my family and the group. I have confidence to learn new skills and I’m encouraging other people to do the same.”

Self-care changes lives

In addition to finding and treating people with leprosy, we teach self-care techniques to help those living with disabilities caused by this disease. People learn how to care for their affected body parts and treat their ulcers to prevent infection.

They also receive their own self-care kits which consist of soap, bandages, towels, a wash bowl and anti-septic lotion so that they can care for their disabilities at home.

This increased level of care helps to reduce disability allowing people to earn a livelihood and escape poverty. 

Pictured above is a Lepra self-care kit. 

Please give £21 today and change the lives of 7 people by providing them with self-care kits to care for their disabilities. 

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