Every day 600 people are diagnosed with leprosy, more than 50 are children.

Yet over three million more are living undiagnosed.

Left untreated, leprosy causes terrible life-changing disabilities, including paralysis and blindness, whilst the stigma surrounding the disease means many endure a life of abuse, isolation and despair.

These disabilities are entirely preventable if people are treated early. 

Leprosy destroys futures

Neru faced a lifetime of worsening disability, as every day leprosy continued to destroy the nerves in her hands and feet. She could no longer write, or walk properly.

Happily our staff found Neru, and provided the treatment, surgery and physiotherapy  she needed to overcome her disabilities and the disease.  

Help us stop leprosy in its tracks

Luckily, Neru received treatment in time, But there are so many children, women and men still living with leprosy, or a leprosy related disability.

With your help we can improve local healthcare services, so that people are diagnosed quickly, and receive the correct treatment before disabilities occur.

Just £24 can train 6 doctors, in communities at risk of leprosy, to spot the symptoms and provide early treatment.

Improving healthcare in these communities is a vital step towards reaching a day when leprosy no longer exists. 


Yes, I want to help beat leprosy