Whatever you can give today will help our health education van carry on its journey to raise awareness of the symptoms of leprosy, leading to more people being treated and cured.

If you’re taking part in Lent this year – what have you chosen to give up?

Your evening meal?

Are you giving up your job?

Are you giving up your child’s education?

Or have you given up your home?

These are all very extreme sacrifices for Lent – but tragically, some have to go without the most vital of commodities as an effect of leprosy, a curable disease.

Leprosy affects 600 people each day and more than 50 of these will be children. If left undiagnosed, the disease causes life-changing disabilities, pain, discomfort and social exclusion.

Children can no longer attend school and others are unable to work and earn a livelihood – meaning that people fall into increased levels of poverty.

To help beat leprosy, more people need to be able recognise their symptoms in order to seek diagnosis. 

Our health education vans help

Covering between 50 – 70 miles each day, our health education vans reach over 900,000 people each year in some of the poorest, most
isolated communities. Our dedicated team head out on the road for weeks at a time, equipped with flip charts, pictures and information leaflets informing people of the symptoms of leprosy. 

Once people are aware of the symptoms, they are able to spot the disease early and avoid life-changing disabilities and stigma which lead to poverty.

A film about leprosy is being shown to the community from our education van.

You can help

Nobody should have to give up their evening meal, livelihood, education or home because of a curable disease.

Join us this Lent to help our health education van continue its journey, allowing more people to identify the symptoms of leprosy, seek treatment and access the cure.

With your help we will beat leprosy sooner. 

Donate now

Collect what you save

Simply collect what you save throughout Lent, in our health education van shaped money box. 

A donation of just £25 will contribute to enabling our education van to travel to remote communities and educate people about the symptoms of leprosy, leading to greater numbers of diagnosis. 

When the box is full, please count the contents and write a cheque payable to "Lepra". The complete the section on the side of the box and return it to: Lepra, 28 Middleborough, Colchester, CO1 1TG

Request a money box

Alternatively, you can donate online here

Contact a member of the team

Contact fundraising@lepra.org.uk for more information.