This Ramadan, you can help put an end to the poverty and suffering of children living with the effects of leprosy in Bangladesh.

Leprosy still exists

More than 50 children are diagnosed and treated for leprosy every single day.

It starts with a patch of discoloured skin and if left untreated, the disease causes paralysis, ulcers and infection, which can lead to disability and blindness.

Today, there are a further 7 million people affected by leprosy that need our help.

Devastating consequences

Poor health education, prejudice and difficulties accessing healthcare prevent many from seeking the treatment they so desperately need to cure them of the disease. 

For children, delayed treatment can be devastating.

It can lead to a lifetime of disability, stigma and poverty – often preventing them from accessing education and restricting their prospects for the future.

How we help

We work to ensure that children living with leprosy receive the cure for this disease as quickly as possible and that people living in communities are given the knowledge to recognise their symptoms and access treatment.

For those who live with disabilities caused by leprosy, we work to ensure they have a better quality of life by providing protective footwear, physiotherapy and facilitating reconstructive surgery.

How you can help

Any charitable donation you can give throughout Ramadan will help the many children living with the effects of leprosy in Bangladesh.

Your support will help protect their futures from life-changing disability and stigma, so that they are able to live full, happy and meaningful lives.

Yes, I want to change a child's life

Your support is vital and it will lead us one step closer to a day where leprosy will be beaten altogether.