Leprosy brings a devastating stigma, which causes many people to suffer discrimination, abuse, and exclusion from education, their jobs, and their community. 

The power of self-help groups

No one should face discrimination because they have had a disease - and we are working to stamp out this stigma through self-help groups. 

These groups help people to share experiences, learn new skills and join together to advocate for their rights.

They allow people to learn more about the disease so they can address any concerns or prejudice held by their friends and family.

Just £4 a month could set up three self-help groups a year.

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For Kruitbasa, his self-help group helped him avoid any stigma

When Krutibasa discovered he had leprosy he was concerned about the stigma he may experience, so we encouraged him to join one of our self-help groups. 

By learning about leprosy and receiving support from his peers, he dispelled any fears from his friends and family before these turned to prejudice.

Read Krutibasa's story 

It is thanks to our supporters that Krutibasa could receive this support and, now cured of the disease, he can return to a normal life. 

You can help more people like Kruitbasa look to a brighter future

There are still so many people who desperately need support to overcome the stigma and prejudice leprosy brings.  

Alone, they face violence, verbal and emotional abuse, and enforced isolation. A self-help group can give them back the life leprosy took away. 

£28 can set up and run a self-help group for 10 people for 3 months - so they do not have to face leprosy alone.

Or, just £4 a month could set up three self-help groups a year.

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Whatever you give this Easter can help people affected by leprosy escape loneliness and stigma