The facts:

In Andhra Pradesh there are several districts that have a high number of leprosy and LF cases. Many of those affected already have a disability and that tells us that individuals are not being diagnosed early enough.

Whilst other projects focus on early detection, this project provides those already affected by either disease with disability services, care and treatment. With continued support through referral centre the individuals should experience reduced disability which will in turn improve their quality of life and their chance to continue earning and living and supporting themselves.

This project began in April 2016.

The aim:

We hope to improve the health conditions of people affected by LF and leprosy and to improve their ability to earn a living whilst feeling included in society.

What exactly are we doing?

We have opened two referral centres in Vijayawada (Krishna) and Vizianagaram which offer specialised treatment and services to those affected by leprosy or LF.

The centres conduct health education sessions, manage any complications for those undergoing treatment may experience and provide counselling sessions. Staff there also offer ulcer care and teach people how to care for their ulcers themselves and prevent further ones developing. The teams also refer those who need it for reconstructive surgery and the centre’s footwear unit also provides custom-made shoes.

The figures:

As of November 2016, already …

  • 523 persons have been taught self- care methods
  • 191 pairs of shoes have been distributed
  • 153 ulcers have been cared for and healed
  • 9 people have been referred for reconstructive surgery

How you can help?

There are many ways you can help us continue to deliver these life-changing services in our referral centres. Just £26 could provide one of our centres with enough soaking and dressing to provide 67 people with adequate care for a year.