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Corporate Partnerships

Our Corporate partnerships help support our projects or specific events throughout the year.

Pavers logo


Pavers, the York-based comfort shoe retailer funded our first ever mobile foot care unit in India. It travels around the Indian state of Bihar providing custom-made shoes for people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF).

People affected by the two diseases can lose feeling in parts of their body, including their feet. When a person loses sensation, they can develop injuries without even realising it, which can lead to infection. Foot care is exceptionally important in the rehabilitation process and custom-made shoes enable those who have lost sensation in their feet to restore a sense of normality, independence and lower the risk of infection.

Pavers funding this van has been vital in allowing us to deliver some of our life-changing work.


Ballie Gifford logo

Baillie Gifford

Lepra are delighted to announce that Baillie Gifford have chosen to support us to help raise much needed funds for those affected by leprosy. They have kindly helped donate much needed funding to launch our Mental Motivators Pilot Project in Bangladesh. This project is aimed to increase mental health support to those affected by leprosy. This is a strong partnership and we are delighted to work collaboratively with them, to ensure funding is used to help provide mental health training to help build self-esteem and allow those affected by leprosy to feel supported both physically and mentally.

Find out more about our Mental Motivators Project.


Barclays logo


A collaboration with Barclays to host a charity event saw the bank match donations, raising a total of £3800!

"I recently held a joint golf day with Lepra and they were brilliant; I invited the majority of the attendees but Olivia from Lepra took care of all of the admin. Lepra designed the invite, took payment, organised raffle prizes and generally made sure everything was in place for a great day, which everyone enjoyed.”

Barclays Business Manager Steve of the North Essex Business Team


Bucci Holidaywear logo

Bucci Holidaywear

Lepra are proud to announce that Bucci Holidaywear have joined us as a corporate sponsor.

An ethical online retailer, Bucci was founded by Natalia Bucci and offers designer summer and beach wear, along with a range of accessories.

Bucci Holidaywear are proud to be Corporate Sponsors of Lepra, holding regular events and promoting their important work to customers worldwide.


Cantata Dramatica

Cantata Dramatica is a charity dedicated to commissioning and promoting new music. The charity commissioned four new pieces of music to be performed at St Stephen Wallbrook church in London. Each piece linked to themes associated with leprosy, such as people fighting to have their voices heard and the challenges faced by women with the disease. 


Giving with Gifts logo

Giving with Gifts

We are proud to have been selected as one of online retailer Giving with Gifts chosen charity partners.

Giving with Gifts offers a wide range for all occasions including days out, experiences, homewares and personalised gifts. 5% of EVERY purchase goes to the charity partner of your choice, meaning you can help us to beat leprosy every time you purchase a gift or experience for a loved one.


Haddenham Healthcare logo

Haddenham Healthcare

"We first got to hear about Lepra's amazing work when I met two of the staff at the British Lymphology conference. Rajni's presentation at the conference brought home the huge problem which exists in India surrounding lymphatic filariasis. We wanted to do something to help and donating our specialist compression garments was just one way we could support Lepra's work. The feedback we received from Rajni reporting on the successful outcome for people using our garments was heart-warming."  

Tim Gabb, General Manager, Haddenham Healthcare

ION Industries Ltd

ION kindly sponsored our World Leprosy Day 2021 radio day. 

‘We are very proud to support Lepra for World Leprosy Day 2021. As Lepra’s accounting software supplier, ION and Lepra have worked together for a long time, and we have learnt that leprosy is not a disease of the past, it is still affecting millions of lives across the world. World Leprosy Day is the biggest opportunity of the year to put a spotlight on leprosy globally, and we are proud to be a part of that.’ – Rob Mathieson, Managing Director

Our corporate partners also include  Food & Drink Festivals UK, Lymphodema Suffolk and Greenwoods Hotel and Spa.