Aadil Mohammed was three years old when he was diagnosed with leprosy at the Lepra referral centre in Munger (Bihar, India) after his father Afaroz noticed a patch on his leg.  Aadil

Afaroz knows personally about the prejudice attached to leprosy; he too was diagnosed after a visit to a Lepra health centre. His wife has contracted lymphatic filariasis causing severe swelling in her leg, making it very difficult to move.

Afaroz struggles to support his family as he earns only £2 a day during the summer months. 

He is determined that his children will not be affected by the prejudice that he experienced and will be able to continue their schooling and move out of poverty.

Aadil, now five years old, has been cured.  His younger brother Sohail is now being monitored as a patch has appeared on his face. He is three years old.

Update on Aadil 

Recently, two of our UK based staff visited India and saw Aadil on their travels. Both Aadil, now 8 and his younger brother Sohail are now symptom free. 

Aadil is attending school and his favourite subjects are Hindi, Urdu and Maths.