Maria's Island - an educational resource for KS2 & KS3 Maria's Island - an educational resource for KS2 & KS3

Thank you for interest in Maria’s Island educational resources

Thank you for your interest in Maria's Island educational resources and in fundraising for Lepra.

Below you will find the educational resources for use in class or assembly. Use this together with our virtual assembly as part of your school's fundraising activities this year. Please contact Anna Ansted if you require any further information.

Maria's Island Text

Use this free to download text (pages 30-49) from Maria's Island for use in class or assembly.

Download Maria's Island text

Maria's Island - Teacher Notes

Teacher notes for Maria's Island have been created by Walker Books and written by teachers from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. They are available to download with kind permission from Walker Books. Feel free to use the ideas in the notes for developing comprehension and cross-curricular activities around the text.

Download Teacher Notes

Parent Letters

Our parent letters are designed so schools are able to share with parents the themes, storyline, and the school or class fundraising initiatives based on Maria's Island. These are ready for you to download and share.

Letter for Parents - Maria's Island and Lepra (editable Word document)

Fundraising Activities

Using Maria's Island for school or class fundraising is really easy.. Just pick a date for your virtual assembly or lesson, and choose a fundraising idea for your students to take part in!

  1. A non-uniform or fancy dress day! Perhaps you could use the blue shawl from the book in some way, or children could pick a costume that represents hope.
  2. Take on a sponsored challenge! Students may choose to collectively travel around the island of Spinalonga (a total of 850 metres), or perhaps the distance from the UK to Spinalonga – 1680 miles! Students could attempt to run, hop, swim or even scoot the distance as a class, working together to reach the total.
  3. Do your students have other fundraising ideas?  Maybe they'd like to organise a bake sale, a bubble tea morning or fundraise with the local community? Simply let us know and we'd love to support you and your class.

Setting up an online donations page is a great way to keep track of your total and share your school’s fantastic fundraising challenge far and wide. Read our how-to guide on setting up your JustGiving page in under 2 minutes:

How to set up a Just Giving page for Lepra

Once you've completed your fundraising activities, email Anna Ansted so that we can send thank you letters and certificates to all those who took part in raising much-needed funds for Lepra.

Does your school dream a little bigger? Could Lepra be your charity of the year?

We would love you to consider Lepra as your school’s charity and can support you with any other ideas you may have. Please get in touch with Anna Ansted if you would like to find out more.


Maria's Island text © 2021 Victoria Hislop, illustrations ©Gill Smith, Maria’s Island by Victoria Hislop & illustrated by Gill Smith, reproduced by permission of Walker Books Ltd, London, SE11 5HJ