95 Voices

Hear from amazing and inspiring people who have been involved with Lepra over our 95 years and helped to transform the lives of people affected by leprosy. Read more

Maksuda's story

When Maksuda was diagnosed with leprosy her husband divorced her, leaving her and her daughter homeless. Through a loan and training, Maksuda learned new skills to allow her to earn a living. Read more

Jabbar's story

Jabbar was one of our first patients at the Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre, which was funded by the Blue Peter appeal held on the popular TV programme in 1996. Read more

Christina's story

Christina was just 10 when she was told she has leprosy. She used to walk half a day each month to receive her medicine, until a local leprosy healthcare volunteer started working in the area. Read more

Francisco's story

Francisco is 53 years old and lives in the Zambezia province of Mozambique. Delayed treatment caused by late leprosy diagnosis, has left him with disabilities to his hands and feet, which seriously affects his quality of life. Read more

Krutibasa's story

Leprosy threatened to take Krutibasa's independence and condemn him to a life of disability and prejudice. Read more

Mamta's story

Despite receiving the cure Mamta continues to face discrimination from her own family. Sadly many women we work with have struggled to access treatment, and continue to face discrimination even after treatment. Your life-changing tea can give them hope. Read more

Mubarak's story

Mubarak is only 12 year's old but already he has dealt with disability, prejudice and separation from his family. Read more

Sabiha's story

Sabiha's story shows how through sharing knowledge we can beat leprosy. Read more

The Manjhis’ story

The Manjhis’ are a family of three generations who have been affected by leprosy. Read more

Champa's story

Read Champa's story about how she was diagnosed with leprosy from taking part in a health education session. Read more

Nagama's story

Nagama is not affected by leprosy, but lives in a leprosy colony to support her family. Read more