Nagama's story

Nagama is not affected by leprosy, but lives in a leprosy colony to support her family.Read more

Kajal's story

“I have faced several problems in my young life already. All my dreams are shattered. Now I want to study and do a nursing course so that I can serve the sick people.”Read more

Boby's story

Boby tells the story of her own experience with leprosy and explains how we helped to change her life.Read more

Ruby's story

Ruby has an unusual case of leprosy so she has to take steroids in order to effectively treat the disease.Read more

Nisi's story

Nisi had to put his life on hold when he lost sensation in the soles of his feet because of leprosy.Read more

Balaram’s Story

12 years after being diagnosed with leprosy, Balaram started to develop the disabilities he had feared. He had contracted leprosy for the second time.Read more

Subhadra’s Story

Subhadra had lost so much functionality in her hand, she could no longer hold a pen. It was her teacher who suggested she visit the Cuttack Leprosy Home and Hospital to have her hand functionality restored.Read more

Avelino's story

Our work with the Netherlands Leprosy Relief in Mozambique has helped people like Avelino join self-care groups to learn and practice the correct care for their symptoms.Read more

Manjulatha Behera’s Story

Read about what life is like for Manjulatha who is not only affected by leprosy, but lymphatic filariasis as well.Read more

Sonia's story

Sonia and the rest of her family were diagnosed with leprosy. All in the early stages of the disease, they were able to complete treatment without there being any lasting physical effects. But the treatment didn't stop the stigma associated with the disease...Read more

Jahanara - helping to change lives

Spurred on by the memories of seeing her father endure the effects of leprosy, Jahanara wanted to prevent others from going through the same, so she became a Lepra Community Champion.Read more

Bhumisuta's story

When Bhumisuta discovered she had leprosy, she thought she would be shunned by her community and her fiancé.Read more