TB control project

Our TB control project in Bangladesh is implemented under the ‘Global Fund to fight Aids, TB and Malaria’ as part of the World Health Organization (WHO) global effort to end TB by 2035.Read more

Learning to Live with Dignity (LLD)

The aim of this project was to reduce discrimination and stigma, and to establish the rights of people affected by leprosy.Read more

Sustainable Development Project

This one year project is to further develop the Lepra self-help groups that were set up by a previous project.Read more

Further action to reduce leprosy burden (FARLeB)

Our Further Action to Reduce Leprosy Burden (FARLeB) project targeted 12 sub-districts in Bogra district, Bangladesh.Read more

Community Action for Hygiene and Health

Our “Community Action for Hygiene and Health” project helped to construct latrines, provided safe-drinking water and healthcare education focusing on the correct use of water, sanitation and hygiene in general.Read more