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Beat leprosy

You can support our campaign to end the devastating effects of leprosy, by donating as little as £5 a month. Read more

Ensure no woman suffers alone

£6 a month can help us train five female health champions to support women and girls who face appalling discrimination daily. Read more

Save a child's future

Today more than 50 children will be diagnosed with leprosy, but hundreds more are going undiagnosed. Just £5 can help more children receive life-changing treatment today. Read more

Stop the stigma

Millions of people are living a life blighted by the stigma of leprosy. Although cured, they still face abuse, discrimination and isolation. Just £6 a month can help stop the stigma by funding our health education programmes. Read more

Help beat leprosy

Help end leprosy, and support people disabled by this terrible disease. Read more

Light up a life this Diwali

Your gift this Diwali will help to give warmth and hope to somebody affected by leprosy – bringing them out of the shadows and into the light. Read more