Published 05/04/2019

Sunday 7th April is World Health Day and we are continuing to be committed to providing healthcare for everyone affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF). In both India and Bangladesh our Community Champions like Kumari to find people in their communities who might have symptoms of leprosy or LF.

Last year we trained over 1,100 community champions in Bangladesh, 39% had been personally affected by leprosy themselves and could relate to the issues people affected by the disease may face, making them reluctant to seek diagnosis. This can include being abandoned by family members, or even discriminated against by people in their communities. Due to the familiarity of our champions, members of the community affected by leprosy and LF are more likely to approach the champions and ask for help. While our staff visit communities to raise awareness about the diseases, not everyone might be willing to approach strangers.

World Health Day promotes health as a human right, that everyone should have the information and services they need to take care of their own health and the health of their families. One of our key priorities has been to provide screening and support to marginalised communities, areas that are often neglected from mainstream health services as they are located far away from medical facilities. In the last year we were able to reach over 301,000 people through diagnosis, treatment and care. We were also able to help 263,000 people receive the disability grants and services they are entitled to, helping to reduce poverty as a result of leprosy and LF.

It is only thanks to our supporters that we have been able reach the unreached.

Just £13 could train a community volunteer to recognise and educate local communities about the signs of leprosy, click the link below to help us change the lives of even more people:

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