With International Women’s Day on the horizon, we are very keen to share with you what we have planned.
Up and down the country in the UK and in our teams overseas, our supporters will show their unity for women with leprosy. 

You can get involved by:

Social media

We invite our supporters to share selfies on social media to show their support, or even via re-sharing our content on the day you will be making a huge difference in raising awareness of those affected by leprosy.  

You can use the hashtags #Lepra and #IWD along with tagging our social handle.

Twitter: @LepraUK 

We have some graphics that you can share:

PDF links: infographic IWD

infographic IWD

Life-changing tea parties

In our Colchester office, we will be hosting our very own Life Changing Tea party, inviting our local supporters and local businesses to. 

Make sure to host your own Life Changing Tea! 


Aparna - Medical Doctor (Microbiology).

Aparna has over 18 years’ research experience, complemented by extensive administrative and managerial experience.

Several international and national publications to her credit.

Aparna has worked with LEPRA (Blue Peter Health and Research Centre) as Group Leader, Microbiology Division since 2002.

We need to end the long standing biases and gender stereotypes and encourage women to join the world of science! We can equally make great change together.

Kasturi - Head of Research Mobilisation

"My academics in Cancer Genetics and the related research experience was inspired by the fact that a discovery or an invention made in a lab when translated to the real world can change the course of our lives to make them better.


Best example being  Madam Curie and how she used her research findings to develop mobile X-ray units that could be used to diagnose injuries near the battlefront or use radiology for Cancer treatments.


For me, seeing the real world applications of the science and technology advances led by women is what makes STEM research fascinating and a success story."

Lastly, our colleagues at Lepra India also will raise awareness by pledging to #EachForEqual in the fight against leprosy and discrimination!

How you can help

Change the lives of many women living with the effects of leprosy by supporting our work. 

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