In perfect alignment with the NTD Summit in Geneva, the UK government have recently pledged to double funding to fight neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This will help to protect over 200 million people from having to live with diseases, which are described by Secretary of State for International Development, Preti Patel as “[belonging] to the last century.”

At present, the number of people who require treatment for NTDs stands at 1.7 billion, but with continued support, this number is expected to fall to 170 million by 2030. Over the course of four years, the UK are set to invest a total of £360 million to implement programmes to reach this goal.

Geoff Prescott our Chief Executive comments:

“The pledge to double funding to fight neglected tropical diseases is an extremely positive step towards improving the overall health and living standards of those in the developing world and poor communities overseas. We are exceptionally pleased that projects to tackle visceral leishmaniasis and lymphatic filariasis will receive funding.

However, it’s imperative that a focus is still kept on leprosy – a disease which many think is on the decline. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as government leprosy numbers are often skewed and there are many people who live undiagnosed with the disease. There needs to be funding allocated to prioritise this need and we hope to meet with the Secretary of State within the coming months in order to discuss this further.”

To find out more, read the full DfID press release here.