We're 93! 

To celebrate our birthday, we're sharing our milestones from over the past 93 years! Read on below to see our timeline. 

Pictured: Sir Leonard Rogers

In 1923, Sir Leonard Rogers conceived a plan to fight leprosy with chaulmoogra oil.

Pictured: Lepra Logo (BELRA)

In 1924, Lepra was officially established! Then, we were named BELRA (British Empire Leprosy Relief Association).

Pictured: Tubby Clayton

In 1933, the founder of Toc H, Tubby Clayton, brought in over 300 lay workers to volunteer.

Pictured: Dr David Molesworth

In 1945, the first drug treatment began for leprosy.

Pictured: Her Majesty The Queen

In 1952, Her Majesty the Queen became the Royal Patron of Lepra.

Pictured: Made-to-measure shoes

In 1959, we produced the first made-to-measure shoe to take the pressure off ulcerated feet.

Pictured: Article from when Lepra News began

In 1989, The Leprosy Society of India was launched - extending our Lepra family.

Pictured: MDT

Also in 1989, we became one of the first associations to use Multidrug Therapy (MDT) to beat leprosy.

Pictured: Blue Peter logo

In 1996, 'Bring and buy' sales from the BBC’s Blue Peter appeal raised £2.7 million for Lepra.

Pictured: Leprosy review 2004

In 2004, Leprosy Review was cited as one of the top five medicine journals by the Institute of Scientific Information.

Pictured: Self-support group

In 2012, Lepra began self-support groups for those affected by Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) and leprosy.

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