From the 12th – 20th December 2015, seven members of staff from Mozambique, Bihar and Orissa in India, took part in a training programme to share knowledge and techniques in the treatment and care for leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF). The overall aim of this programme was to increase staff’s understanding of projects that combine leprosy and LF work and to improve their knowledge of disability prevention and rehabilitation through physiotherapy. 

The practical training programme helped staff gain a range of new techniques including, home-based care and the management of disease, physiotherapy and an understanding of protective footwear and the correct measurements to take.

The staff will take what they have learnt over the course, back to communities in their own states and countries and share their knowledge to increase the awareness of these techniques. In 6-9 months they will all partake in a follow up training session.

Colleagues from India and Mozambique sharing knowledge at a Lepra training programme