A simple and easy action that can help change lives…putting a lid on it.

We’re talking about water and the importance of having access to clean water worldwide. We work hard in all of our projects to lift those affected by disease out of poverty. That would not be possible if there wasn’t access to clean water and if basicPut a lid on it hygiene practices weren’t in place.


When it comes to neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) clean water is really important.  It can mean those with a NTD like leprosy or lymphatic filariasis (LF) are able to take better care of themselves. Drinking clean water will keep their immune systems strong and if an individual is practicing self-care methods on any affected body parts then the risk of secondary infection is reduced.

That’s why we continue to work in places like Bogra, Bangladesh to educate on key hygiene methods. Washing hands and covering up water can make a huge difference to a person’s overall health. Whether it’s a pot, pan or pail, covering whatever water vessel there is reduces the risk of that water becoming contaminated. That reduces the risk of a person become sick or contracting an infection which is why we’re calling for people to ‘put a lid on it.’

Who knew such a simple action could have such a big impact?

In one year of spreading this key message in Bogra we were able to half (from 48% to 26%) the amount of people using an 'open pot' for water storage. This significantly reduced the risk of water contamination in those households.

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£21 can fund one school health education session teaching 200 children key messages on washing hands etc

£13 can train one community champion to spread health and hygiene messages in their community