With the London Marathon almost two weeks gone, we would like to take the time to thank our runners, (mentioned below) for showing such dedication to training and our cause. 

Tom Barton, Shawn Benson, Claudia Daventry, Alejandro Demichelis, Rebecca Emmett, Chris Hope, Kieran Murphy, Rasmus Norgaard, Peter Østrem, Phil Parkes, Victoria Thwaites, Sangeeta Wagh and Laura West.

We’re so very pleased to announce that our team raised over £23,000 collaboratively, which will go towards changing the lives of those who are affected by leprosy.

Each runner achieved such fantastic running times and we were so pleased to be able to cheer them on at the race. 

Victoria Thwaites says;

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the most incredible race I've ever done, and I am so pleased to have raised funds for the amazing work Lepra does.”

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