On 9th June, 2018, the Daily Mail published an article titled ‘How the first YEAR of your charity donation ends up in the hands of the chuggers’. It focused on charities contracting third-party companies to employ street fundraisers and that a proportion of donations are used for payment.

At Lepra, we do not use third-party street fundraisers of any kind. Our fundraising activities are carefully planned, monitored and carried out by our fully trained staff and volunteers to ensure the maximum impact of donations is upheld. For every £1 spent, 86p directly funds our projects.

Geoff Prescott, Chief Executive says, “We could not carry out our vital work without our supporters. From fundraising, through to project delivery, our focus on sustainability and efficiency enables us to achieve maximum impact from donations. The sweeping statements made by the Daily Mail give a distorted view of fundraising. The headline and inference that charities ‘often’ contract street fundraising firms are particularly misleading and do not represent the actions of Lepra. “

Read our annual impact review to find out more about how our income is spent.

Photo credit: Sasja van Vechgel