*This Project ended 30th September 2016

Lepra is delighted to have been approved for funding of a new project from the UK government Department for International Development.

The project will focus on providing a comprehensive approach to increasing social inclusion and reducing poverty of people living with disabilities, as well as improving leprosy services, in three districts in Bangladesh.

The project will take place in one of the poorest areas of Bangladesh where rates of disabling diseases are high and employment opportunities are few.

Disability is both a cause and a consequence of poverty; affecting entire households through increased expenditure on care and loss of household income.

The project in brief:

  • We will set-up 3 disability referral centres to provide specialised care for people with disabilities
  • We will support 24 primary health centres to refer disability cases for secondary level care and provide quality basic leprosy services through staff training and technical support
  • The project will form self-help groups for around 22,000 people affected by disability to give them a voice and increase livelihood opportunities to reduce poverty
  • Health education will reach around 100,000 people in the general community to reduce stigma and discrimination
  • The project will train almost 3,000 health staff in disability care and leprosy diagnosis and treatment