July 2019 saw the return of our cycling hero Imran, back in the saddle and quicker than ever at the Prudential Ride 100.

Prudential Ride 100 is a 100 mile cycling event from Surrey to London.
Imran rode for Lepra to fundraise and help those who have been affected by leprosy.

Imran skimmed two hours off his previous ride, finishing in around 6 hours with an incredible time.

Imran has been through a difficult journey himself, faced with a leprosy diagnosis at just 22 years old.  

Imran faced difficult and dark times, experiencing reactions to treatment that resulted in him confining himself to his home because of pain, which lasted for almost three years.

Leprosy affected his everyday life, as he also experienced terrible prejudice from those around him.

In 2017, Imran began cycling because he wanted to fundraise for Lepra. He felt that he could relate to the pain and discrimination people suffer and wanted to help in his own way.

‘’It was a great feeling to Ride 100 for Lepra again this year and I consider myself lucky as I have been given another chance to contribute towards Lepra and help those suffering with leprosy. I am very proud of this achievement.’’ - Imran

We are hugely grateful for Imran’s dedication and support in raising money for Lepra, to help those affected by leprosy. Together we will beat leprosy!