On Wednesday 6th November, Lepra was honoured to hold an evening with Hamish McRae in JM Finn Offices in London. 

Brexit, a divisive issue that has dominated much of the world's news for the past three years, was the topic of last night's wonderfully insightful talk by Hamish McRae. Hamish is one of the world's leading futurologist's and award-winning economic and financial commentators with the Independent Online, among other award winning publications. 

The event was well attended and we would like to extend our thanks to our trustees, supporters and colleagues that supported us.

Charles Bland, Chair of Lepra, spoke at length about the ongoing battle to control leprosy cases across the world and the avoidable tragedy of the disease. 

He said: "The physical consequences of leprosy are only part of the picture. The prejudice surrounding leprosy causes social, and even economic, exclusion. This is the tragedy of leprosy.

"We have this disease that's completely curable, but because of ignorance, prejudice and inadequate social provision, it is continuing to destroy lives on a very large scale. If anything, the numbers are increasing at the moment." 

The evening was a great success and we received many kind donations from supporters, both old and new. 

We would like to extend a thank you to Hamish McRae for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us on such an important and pressing issue. 

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