1.9 billion people across Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Caribgean are exposed to infections that thrive in poverty-endemic communties that lack access to health services, adequate sanitation and clean water.

"As the Sustainable Goals (SDGs) are finalised and the associated targets and indicators developed, the link between NTDs and poverty must be recognised. It has been suggested that NTDs shoudl be used as a proxy indicator for poverty, to ensure that no-one is left behind." (from the letter signed by 35 organisations).

In the letter, we call upon the G7 to:
  • Use their influence in discussions on the SDGs to ensure that NTDs are included and ensure that NTDs are used as a key indicator for poverty and Universal Health Coverage
  • Commit to securing the $220 million global annual funding gap for treatment and scale up programmes to enable the World health Organization 2020 targets to be reached
  • Ensure that patient care and rehabilitation is not neglected in fabour of diseases prevention 
  • Invest in innovative approaches into new drugs, diagnostics, treatments and vaccines, as well as in multi-secotral approaches which address the wider issues associted with NTDs, including health awareness, disability, stigma and discrimination, and access to education, employment and WASH (Water, Sanitaion and Hygiene)