Published: 17/09/2018

Our latest issue of Lepra News shares information about our '£1 from you, we get two' appeal launching 24th September, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Blue Peter and 20 years of our Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre. Discover highlights from our fundraising stories, our annual impact and more!

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In this issue

The urgency of early detection

CEO of Lepra, Geoff Prescott welcomes readers to the Autumn 2018 edition of Lepra News. Highlighting the importance of early detection for leprosy to prevent life-changing disabilities.

Our annual impact review 2017-2018

Discover how we our projects are making a difference in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique.

Fundraising stories

Travel back to the medieval era where the Knights of Medway helped fundraise for Lepra at the Colchester medieval fayre, then cycle back to the future with this year's Edinburgh to St Andrews event and discover how one supporter helped to beat leprosy by giving up technology!

Here's one we made earlier

In 1996 Blue Peter's partnered with Lepra for one of their most successul appeals! The appeal helped to fund the construction of the Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre. The centre has since helped us to treat and care for 4 million people, and its policy-shaping research has changed the scope of leprosy detection in India.

'£1 from you, we get two' appeal

We are matching the first £50,000 of donations made from 9am 24th September to 5pm 24th October in celebration of Blue Peter's 60th anniversary.