Published: 01/11/2013

Our staff in Odisha and the eastern parts of Andhra Pradesh were able to help many people this week at a special outreach clinic, set up in response to the disaster.

The doctor and healthcare workers were able to assess and treat people for any medical problems, including those caused by the destruction and the lack of clean drinking water and food. Working with the government, we were able to distribute medical supplies to those who had lost everything.

After the cyclone and the floods caused by torrential rain, the sunshine is starting to peep through. There is still a huge burden for the government to tackle and many difficult situations to face, such as the threat of an epidemic of diarrhoea .

Returning home is not an option for most survivors as their mud houses no longer exist, having been destroyed by the cyclone.

Livelihoods have been destroyed, including crops, animals and fishing boats and nets.  We are only scratching the surface of need. With your help we can do more.