Congratulations to Lepra in India who were one of the four finalists in the large organisations category of the Indian NGO (non-governmental organisation) awards for 2014/2015.

The awards are organised annually by The Resource Alliance ( to celebrate success and reward excellence.

Applications were invited from all the regions of the country, and this year over 300 applications were received. These were evaluated by a team of independent assessors on the basis of the parameters of: effective and sustainable mobilisation of resources, the demonstration of efficient management of resources, good governance practices, transparency and accountability, and the impact of their work in bringing about tangible benefits to its target communities.

“A substantial part of good social development work in India is done by NGOs. There is a great need to recognise and encourage that. I feel proud of being associated with this effort,” General Surat Sandhu, Chair Resource Alliance India

Image - Ashim Chowla, Chief Executive of Lepra in India, receives a certificate