Published: 11/10/2018

Our latest appeal, £1 from you, we get two has been a great success so far thanks to the generous donations we’ve received. We’ve also received amazing support from celebrity spokespeople through media appearances, social media and even visiting our projects!

Recently, we held a media day at Wisebuddah Studios in London where some of our spokespeople, Stuart Miles, Valerie Singleton, and our own Dr. Aparna Srikantham of the Blue Peter Public Health & Research Centre spoke to UK radio outlets about leprosy, how we help people affected by the disease, the 1996 Blue Peter appeal that helped build the BPHRC and of course Stuart’s recent visit to India.

It was an exciting day which also saw Blue Peter alumni, Tim Vincent join us by telephone to speak about his memories of 1996 and the legacy of the show and saw us (literally) bump into Graham Norton but most importantly, it meant listeners around the country were able to hear about leprosy, why it matters and how we work to find, diagnose, treat and support people who have been affected by the disease and how they could help our appeal.

More recently, Stuart also appeared on local BBC Radio stations around the country, talking about his visit to the BPHRC, bringing the message to even more people who might not otherwise have been aware of leprosy or about the millions it affects. Meanwhile both Stuart and Tim have also helped us through social media.

Support for our campaign hasn’t been limited to our friends from Blue Peter though.

Sir Tony Robinson has made a short video to encourage people to donate to our appeal, while Stephen Fry, Jo Brand and Maria Friedman have also lent their support through social media quotes or retweets to help us reach more people.

We’re very grateful to everyone who has given their time for us as well as a donation, every retweet or message of support helps more people know why leprosy matters and that we will beat leprosy together!