Up to 4 million people are living with severe disabilities and mental health problems as a consequence of leprosy across the world. 

The disease carries a terrible prejudice which forces many people into the margins of society. Ignored, or cast out by their community, they face a lifetime of extreme poverty, isolation and disability.

But, there is a solution. Self-help groups work to reduce prejudice and enable people to support one another through sharing knowledge and experiences to reduce isolation. The group members are able to advocate for their rights together and raise awareness within communities to break down prejudice. They also learn how to care for their injuries or ulcers, which can help them back into employment.

We want Commonwealth leaders to prioritise disability inclusion for people affected by leprosy through increasing community based self-help services alongside the distribution of medical treatments. They are the key decision-makers to enable the expansion of self-help services, so that nobody is left behind. 

With your help, we’ll be able to ensure our voice is heard to help prevent people affected by leprosy from living a life of prejudice, excluded from society.  

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