This Mothering Sunday, mothers across the UK will be shown appreciation with gifts, days out or by simply being resigned from their usual motherly duties!

All mothers, of course, deserve to be celebrated for their dedication to their children. But, unfortunately, not everyone in the world receives the attention they are due on Mother’s Day. They will not receive any gifts at all and instead, they will be busy caring for others – just like any other day.

One such mother is Nagama, who lives in a leprosy colony on the outskirts of Mahbubnagar, India. Nagama doesn’t have leprosy – she lives in the colony by choice so she can take care of her mother, grandmother and her young son.

When we met Nagama last year, she was eight months pregnant and living in the leprosy colony. She used to live with her husband, but chose to leave her city home and university education to take care of her mother, Narsam and grandmother, Miriam who are both blind as a consequence of leprosy.

We were very pleased to learn that Nagama gave birth to a little baby boy 15th October 2016 and she says she is very happy to take care of her family in the colony.

I do not face any problem living in the colony at Mahbubnagar since I am staying with my mother and maternal grandmother. My six-month-old child is healthy and growing up fast.

While her husband does come to visit his son, he has remarried and no longer provides them with financial support. However, this doesn’t bother Nagama.

As my mother and maternal grandmother get a pension, we have been able to sustain ourselves. So far I am able to manage and I want to continue living in this colony.

Today, we want you to enjoy the celebration of motherhood and relish in the surprises that come your way; to show appreciation and gratitude for the amazing work your mothers and grandmothers do every day. But we would also like to invite you to take a moment to think of the mothers who will not receive gifts from their children, but are spending their day taking care of those who need their help.