It’s Father’s Day in the UK this weekend and we want to highlight some of the wonderful things children are doing for their fathers across the world – not just on this special day but every day. We also wanted to share the story of a father and son whose journey so far has been a long one…

Meet Rahul and Devendra Paswan. They live in a small village called Kothia in the state of Bihar in India. Devendra has felt the harsh physical effects of lymphatic filariasis (LF) since he was 27 years old and, over the past few years, he’s had to rely on his eldest son to care for him alongside his wife.Devendra and Rahul

When he first started experiencing the LF symptoms it was just a bit of redness and slight swelling of his leg. As time went on, the effects became more severe and fevers would take hold of Devendra for days with the pain and inflammation of his leg lasting up to two weeks. This forced Devendra to lease his farming land as he was no longer able to cultivate it himself.

Of course this also meant that the family began to struggle financially which is why Rahul had to stop attending school and stay at home to help take care of his father.

As a dedicated son he was determined to find a solution for his father’s illness...

That’s when Rahul found us. He heard about our work through his local ASHA and brought his father to one of our centres. We were able to examine Devendra and explain the disease to both father and son in more detail so that they could understand how to properly care for the leg.

Since learning our self-care techniques, Devendra has experienced less fevers and the swelling in his leg has dramatically reduced, so much so that Devendra is able to work again. This meant Rahul has been able to return to school, something he is delighted about.

“My thoughts have been changed after your support and treatment to my father. I am hoping my father’s dream of making me an engineer would be fulfilled. I love my papa.”

Devendra and his wife say a big thank you for helping Rahul resume his education. Without your support we would not have been able to restore this family’s way of life helping Devendra to once again earn a living and Rahul to enjoy his childhood.

Devendra is now helping to spread messages on self-care and motivates others affected by LF to seek help.