The new BBC 2 satirical sketch show, Revolting has recently hit the nation’s TV screens. If you haven’t seen it already, the program aims to shock with its focus on current and controversial issues in society.

One sketch portrays the “Insta-Celebrity” Duckface, where he takes the streets by storm to raise awareness of different charitable causes on social media. This week focused on leprosy, where members of the public were asked to hold a “#Lollin4Leprosy” banner to raise awareness by trending on Twitter.

Whilst all publicity is good publicity, we are concerned with the way people with leprosy are depicted in this sketch and do not condone the term “disgusting” as a means of describing the disease.

Isabel Cross, Director of Development at Lepra comments about our concerns with the sketch:

“I’m trying to see beyond the lack of dignity portrayed for the people affected by leprosy and some crass inaccuracies in this ironic sketch, the BBC is correct. Leprosy does exist, it ruins lives and we need to raise awareness. To do this the issue needs financial support to achieve our vision and #BeatLeprosy, we believe it's possible.

Promoting #laughoutloud for leprosy is a perfect campaign for BBC Comic Relief, so if the BBC must show broadcasts like this, they could start funding the parts of the world with the greatest leprosy burden.”

In the meantime, you can join in with a real campaign to #BeatLeprosy for World Leprosy Day 29th January. All you have to do is print off our #BeatLeprosy banner, take a selfie with it and then post it out on your chosen social media channels using our #BeatLeprosy and #WLD2017 hashtags.

You can download the banner here.