My Internship

Initially I chose Lepra because I needed a job to do, however I decided to fight for the position (mentally of course) because of emergence of Leprosy in Kenya. As self-serving as that may sound, I wanted to learn from the best about the disease and possibly how I could help do my bit, to which I did.

The most valuable thing I have learnt during my internship at Lepra is courage. This being my first official office job in the U.K, I was afraid that I would experience a culture shock that would inhibit my progress. However, I think I may have stumbled upon a jackpot because all the Lepra stuff were accommodating and my ideas were taken into consideration. This boosted my self-confidence and I think now I am able to tackle anything that comes my way, since Lepra has set a foundation of unshakable courage for me.

As tempted as I am to say my favourite memory at Lepra was using a paper guillotine (which was a satisfying experience) it was actually the Colchester Medieval Festival, as that was one of my most worthwhile memories. I was part of the planning process where I had to research and ask for potential prices that would aid in fundraising. Seeing the project come to fruition made me so proud of myself and it increased my confidence to tackle things I was previously afraid of doing.

I found that waking up in the morning and being in the office for a continuous eight hours proved to be a challenge during the first month, as my concentration levels were all over the place. Yet I was soon able to learn how to harness my energy in order to maintain focus during the day in order to manage the workload.   

What I will take away from my time here at Lepra is the awareness that there is so much to do in this world to help others. If I can be able to do so, however insignificant it may seem, it may cause a ripple effect. Since I am interested in forging a career in investment, I aim to wiggle my way into CSR, and therefore I will be able to help make a difference in the world. After this internship I plan on flying back home for a few weeks then come back to start my placement job in London.

One piece of advice I would give to people who are looking to work in the charity sector is to just go for it. Despite you may not necessarily be out overseas in the field and physically helping, being in the office or fundraising is equally important because you become part of the engine of the organisation. The joy one derives in seeing people being helped and lives changed is immeasurable. 

I really appreciate the opportunity to have worked with a team full of good people who continue to deliver excellent results while working for a greater good. I have learned a lot from everyone’s wealth of experience more than you will ever know.

Lastly I would like to thank all the staff especially Olivia (as my direct manager) for her immense support, guidance and engagement that helped me achieve so much during my internship.