In April we opened the doors to Bangladesh’s first and only referral and physiotherapy centre. It will offer healthcare and support to some of the poorest communities in the country.

Situated in Sirajgonj district in the north west of the country, the referral centre is just the first step in our work to improve the quality of life for over 4,500 people living with disability.

As the only charity in the area focusing on disability-inclusive development, our services are vital to rural villages, particularly as these services are not currently available in Bangladesh’s general health system.

Our referral centres look at the whole person, not just their disability. As part of a wider project, funded by the UK government Department for International Development, this brand new centre will provide health and disability care, employment opportunities and will build awareness of basic human rights amongst the community, to challenge prejudices against people affected by diseases and with visible disabilities. 

Comprehensive disability care, protective shoes and assistive devices are provided locally and free of charge.

Over the next three years, we will be working closely with the government to gradually integrate these services into the general health system. The ultimate goal is for government to take over and manage the centre.

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