Published: 09/10/2018

After running the London Marathon 2018 with Team Lepra we caught up with Melanie to find out how she found the experience. She told us she ticked of a major running bucket list, by running the 2018 London marathon, and how running for Lepra was her biggest motivating factor.

She explains why she feels so connected to Lepra’s vision and how Lepra supported her towards a phenomenal self-achievement.

What inspired you to run the London Marathon?

After running my first marathon in Dubai in 2017, it was my strong desire to explore and run at least 5 major world marathons and the first on my list is London. Aside from ticking off one of my running bucket list, it was something that I will never forget.

Why did you want to run and raise money for Lepra?

Lepra has made an impact on me since I learned about the charity's vision which is to help leprosy victims worldwide. I was raised in a province in the Philippines where the world's largest leprosy colony in 1931 used to be based. So the cause has touched my heart.

Running for Lepra was my highest motivating factor in this race. Knowing that I could support the Charity in my own little way inspires me more to run. The achievements of the Charity towards its goal has encouraged me completely to help through my passion for running.

What was the atmosphere at the Marathon like?

The crowd was epic! The whole run has been a mix of emotions.

When people shouted my name, whilst smiling and giving me encouragement, I got so emotional. Yes I have shed a tear not just  once but twice, thrice or more. The best crowd ever- the support, the atmosphere, the course, the view, everything was awesome.

Did you ever have moments of doubt during your journey?

I had some pain on my knees but I think I have forgotten it. And there was never a chance of the mental struggle. It was the most enjoyable amazing run I have done.

I would like to thank Team Lepra for the unending support from the start of this journey until now. Everyone is so friendly that really makes me comfortable. Thank you so much Team for your amazing support.

How did it feel to cross the finish line after 26 miles?

It was a phenomenal achievement for me. Getting closer to the finish line felt crazy, the streets became busier, people became wild by supporting all the runners. All I did was just prayed while holding my rosary, the feeling was ecstatic, I was so thankful and grateful looking at the finish line from afar.

I felt like a superhero with my own power to run. It was an experience of a lifetime. A very special memory that I will forever cherish.

Feeling inspired?

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