Back in 2014 we featured on the Al Jazeera ‘Lifelines: the quest for global health’ television series. This programme looked at what global health workers were doing to tackle different diseases that affect vulnerable communities across the globe.

We were lucky enough to feature on the programme and had a whole episode dedicated to our work in tackling the deeply rooted prejudice associated with leprosy as well as the disease itself.

This past month, the Lifelines series has been back on screens which means so were we.

The 45 minute documentary, called ‘Ancient Enemy,’ was shown on Sunday night and will be reapeated throughout the week. You can also watch it online at the bottom of this page.

The documentary follows our State Co-ordinator in Bihar, Rajni, as he visits our projects and meets those affected by leprosy. The episode then goes on to tell the stories of people like Rachna Kumari who experienced social isolation before she accessed treatment for leprosy. Years later she now works for Lepra and uses her own experiences to help others affected by the disease. You can read her full story here.

You’ll also see Bhola. He was just three when he first visited Lepra. Despite his young age, leprosy had already affected both his hands and his left foot. In the film he talks about his diagnosis and how leprosy has affected his life.

Since this episode was filmed, we’ve been back to visit Bhola. He’s now 17 and still visits our Munger Referral Centre for footwear, self-care demonstrations and physiotherapy. He also now owns a mobile shop which helps him to support his family, something he’s very proud of.

The film highlights the effects leprosy can have long after a person has been cured and explains why it’s so important to continue to let people know that leprosy still exists and continues to be our ‘ancient enemy.’