It’s just a month away and is an entire day designated to recognising the work of all of the wonderful charities around the world. Every year, organisations like us work to improve millions of people’s lives and the International Day of Charity, which falls on the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, is a chance to celebrate that.

Carrying on that generosity of spirit, we’re encouraging you to get involved and help make a difference this year in the run up to the International Day of Charity on the 5th of September.

Whether you spread the word and simply tell people about our work, take part in a sponsored swim or sell your best sweet on the street, you’ll be helping us to mark this special day. If you’d like to get involved but aren’t quite sure what you can do, we’ve got a few suggestions…

1) Set yourself a challengeBike

There are no rules when it comes to setting yourself a challenge, all we ask is that you have fun while raising money to help those affected by neglected diseases.

You could put on the trainers and do a sponsored race or cycle. If you fancy more of a thrill, a skydive or bungee jump could be the way to go. However, if you’d prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground how about challenging yourself to read 20 books this summer? Changing a life one Harry Potter story at a time sounds good to us!

2) Host an eventcake

Over the past year we’ve seen some generous people donate their time and baking skills by whipping up an afternoon tea event in their homes. These life-changing events are a great way to get friends and families together to raise money for a good cause by putting a charge on every baked good. However, you don’t have to confine yourself to afternoon events - you could host a Lepra lunch, a summer barbecue or even host a ‘beat leprosy’ disco!

3) Get vocalmicrophone

If you and your friends love to belt out a tune and often take turns wrestling the mike, why not lend your voice to Lepra and hold a concert? You could select your favourite songs, put on your glad rags and give everyone a good night as you raise money for those affected by disease, poverty and prejudice through ticket sales. Let us know when your event is and we can help you promote it!

4) Click, hit and shareSocial media icons

 If you’d prefer to change a life from the comfort of your chair, you certainly can. There are many people who don’t know that leprosy still exists and that there’s a cure available. By sharing this crucial information, you can make people more aware of the work that needs to be done to improve the lives of those affected. Just spreading the word about our work can make a big difference so, grab a cuppa, snuggle down and start hashtagging #beatleprosy to help us truly beat leprosy.

5) Volunteer

Without the helping hands of so many wonderful volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to make such a difference. Whether in our Colchester office or elsewhere in the UK, their time and efforts really help us to reach more people. Check out our volunteers pages to see any positions we may available as well as other ways you can volunteer in your local community.