Published: 27/11/2018

For one whole month between September 24th and October 24th, we decided to dream a little bigger, with our '£1 from you, we get two!' donation doubling appeal. To celebrate Blue Peter’s 60th birthday, we set a goal to raise another £2.8 million, as we did in 1996, after being chosen as the TV programme’s annual appeal.

Thank you wonderful donors who all contributed, we reached our initial target of £50,400 within the month; this doubled to an extraordinary amount of £100,800. A total of £123,732 in total has been raised so far!

The money raised will allow  the Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre (BPHRC) to continue its vital research to help improve treatment for leprosy and understanding of its transmission to help us reach a world free from leprosy. Jabbar is an example of how your support helped the BPHRC to change lives, providing the treatment and support people need to beat this disease;  you can read his story here.

A further extension of our gratitude goes to Stuart Miles, who has been a symbolic voice in our appeal, appearing on radio  alongside Valerie Singleton and conducting multiple interviews with the media to get our message out far and wide; Stuart has now become ambassador Lepra ambassador and will continue to advocate awareness of those affected by leprosy and those who remain undiagnosed.

During the month long campaign, we received support from famous faces such as Sir Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry, Jo Brand and Maria Friedman along with our amazing fundraisers, who took part in events including quizzes, a golf day and of course wearing Socks and Sandals. Together this helped to further develop our audience across social media.

A massive thank you is owed to every person who contributed to this appeal, whether through donations or any support on social media; every action counts towards a better future for those affected by leprosy and in turn we will beat leprosy together!

If you want to continue to support Lepra you can read our Giving Tuesday post to find out how your time can enable us to help even more people.