1 Editor’s Choice – March 2018 P. Saunderson

Original Papers

2 Minimal essential data to document contact tracing and single dose rifampicin (SDR) for leprosy control in routine settings: a practical guide J.H. Richardus, C. Kasang, L. Mieras, S. Anand, M. Bonenberger, E. Ignotti, T. Barth-Jaeggi, H. Greter, A. Tiwari, A. Cavaliero and P. Steinmann

13 Effect of Brazil's Conditional Cash Transfer Programme on the new case detection rate of leprosy in children under 15 years old K.V.F. De Andrade, J.S. Nery, M.L.F. Penna, G.O. Penna, M.L. Barreto and S.M. Pereira

25 Functional evaluation of the hand after ulnar claw correction in patients with leprosy B.C. Neto, A.P. Fontana, D.C. Silva, E. De Freitas, A.J.L.A. Da Cunha, V.W.B.E. Sá and M.K. Gomes

36 Empowerment of Communities in the Promotion of Prevention of Disability (POD) for Persons Affected by Leprosy in Tanzania G. Mwasuka, Z. Shaban, B. Rwamtoga, D. Kamara, C. Chipaga, B. Njako, R. Mueller, E. Roset-Bahmanyar, K. Pascal and C. Kasang

46 A case-control study comparing the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) ratings of patients undergoing leprosy treatment, people cured of leprosy, and controls in Vietnam W.T.N. Hunt, N.T. Hùng, N.N. Tru'ò'ng, V. Nikolaou, N.D.Ð. Khoa and T.H. Ly

56 Factors associated with social participation of women affected with leprosy reporting at a referral centre in Chhattisgarh, India S. Ramasamy, P. Govindharaj, S. Panneerselvam and A. Kumar

65 The differences in leprosy-related stigma between 30 sub-districts in Cirebon District, Indonesia J. Michgelsen, R.M.H. Peters, W.H. Van Brakel and Irwanto

Short Report

77 Implementing the Global Leprosy Strategy 2016–2020 in Nepal: lessons learnt from active case detection campaigns L. Gillini, E. Cooreman, B. Pandey, C. Bhandari, J. Vandelaer, R. Rayamajhi, S. Isozumi, V. Pemmaraju and E. Kita

Case Report

83 Testicular atrophy and its clinical manifestations in a patient released from leprosy treatment P.A. Achdiat, Y. Fadilla, H. Gunawan and O. Suwarsa

87 Save the Date: The 20th International Leprosy Congress will be held from 10th to 13th September, 2019, in Manila, Philippines

88 Wellesley Bailey Awards