451 Editor’s Choice – December 2017
P. Saunderson

Original Papers

452 Enhanced active case-finding, identifying leprosy cases missed by recent detection campaigns in Munger District, Bihar, India
J. Mangeard-Lourme, A. Singh, R.K. Singh, J. Parasa and G.R. De Arquer

463 Drug resistance pattern of Mycobacterium leprae from mouse footpad cultivation between 1997 to 2013 in Malaysia
I. Dalawi, M.M. Tang, A.S. Osman, M. Ismail, R.S. Abu Bakar, J.F. Dony, J. Zainol and A. Johar

478 Histological spectrum of pure neuritic leprosy with atypical clinical presentation at a tertiary care centre
D. Chatterjee, G. Kapatia, U.N. Saikia, T. Narang, S. Dogra, M. Goyal and B.D. Radotra

488 Health-Related Quality of Life amongst people affected by Erythema Nodosum Leprosum in Bangladesh: a Cross Sectional Study
B. Bowers, C.R. Butlin, K. Alam, D.N.J. Lockwood and S.L. Walker

499 The impact of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum on health related quality of life in Rio de Janeiro
A.M. Sales, X. Illarramendi, S.L. Walker, D. Lockwood, E.N. Sarno and J.A.D.C. Nery

510 Multibacillary leprosy and the elderly: a field for further research
M.L. Nobre, F.M. Amorim, M.C.F. De Souza, F.S. De Neves-Manta, D. Esquenazi, M.O. Moraes, E.N. Sarno and S.M.B. Jeronimo

520 High occurrence of disabilities caused by leprosy: census from a hyperendemic area in Brazil's savannah region
K. Haefner, F. Walther, O.A. Chichava, L. Ariza, C.H. Alencar, M.D.J.F. De Alencar, A.N. Ramos Jr, J. Richter and J. Heukelbach

533 The impact of seasonal climate on new case detection rate of leprosy in Brazil (2008–2012)
A.C.A.A. Rocha, W.L. Junger, W.J.A. Da Cruz and E. Ignotti

543 The experiences of people affected by leprosy who participated in self-care groups in the community: A qualitative study in Indonesia
T. Susanto, E.I. Dewi and I. Rahmawati

554 Psychometric evaluation of the SARI stigma assessment scale and an understanding of stigma amongst people affected by leprosy in Iran
H. Ebrahimi, Z.S. Bayat, N.N. Ravesh and N. Shakeri

Short Report

563 Active case detection of leprosy among indigenous people in Sarawak, East Malaysia
M.S. Utap and A. Kiyu

Case Reports

568 Familial clustering of severe atypical variants of erythema nodosum leprosum in immunocompetent siblings
S. Sanke, R. Chander and A. Kumar

574 Peripheral neuropathy is not the end but the beginning
H.I. El Gency, M. Ghanema, S.A. Hussein, O.S. Almaghraby and W. Rashad

Letter to the Editor

583 Managing Post-Hansen's Muscular Wasting of the 1st web: Using spare part surgery
A.S. Karanjkar, N. Panse, A. Narasimhan, P. Sahasrabudhe, R. Phulwer, C. Gharwade and R. Bhadgale

586 Book Review
I. Allen

Workshop Report

587 Towards integration of leprosy post-exposure prophylaxis into national programme routines: report from the third annual meeting of the LPEP programme
P. Steinmann, A. Cavaliero, LPEP Study Group and C. Kasang