297 Editor’s Choice – September 2017
P. Saunderson

Original Papers

298 A study of untreated leprosy affected children reporting with Grade 2 disability at a referral centre in West Bengal, India J. Darlong, P. Govindharaj, F. Darlong and N. Mahato

306 A study of the linkage of poverty alleviation with self-care in South Central Nepal
H. Cross, K. Beise and R. Choudhary

318 Development of a rights-based counselling practice and module to reduce leprosy-related stigma and empower people affected by leprosy in Cirebon District, Indonesia
M. Lusli, R. Peters, J. Bunders, I. Irwanto and M. Zweekhorst

334 Leprosy on Anjouan (Comoros): persistent hyper-endemicity despite decades of solid control efforts
E. Hasker, A. Baco, A. Younoussa, A. Mzembaba, S. Grillone, T. Demeulenaere, G. Groenen, P. Suffys and B.C. De Jong

343 Leprosy disease burden, active transmission and late presentation at the lowest administrative level in Nigeria: A spatial approach
O.J. Daniel, O.A. Adejumo, K.S. Oritogun, O. Omosebi, J. Kuye, S. Onyemaechi and A. Lawanson

354 Delayed diagnosis of leprosy cases that persist in China
L. Jian, Y. Lianchao, Z. Shiguo, S. Wang and G. Junchao

364 Leprosy among the Fulani nomadic pastoralist population of Adamawa State, Nigeria
S. John, J.A. Tyndall, V. Okoye and O. Elo-Oghene Osewe

373 Electrophysiological profiles of leprosy neuropathy
S. Marahatta, S. Bhattarai and B.H. Paudel

381 Acceptance and satisfaction of micro-cellular rubber ready-made footwear among patients with insensitive feet due to leprosy
P. Govindharaj, S. Mani, J. Darlong and A.S. John

391 The correlation between working capacity, activity limitations and social participation restrictions among people affected by leprosy
J.C. Rodrigues, D.L.D. Santos, G. Palmares, E.R. De Oliveira, F.J.J. Reis and M.K. Gomes

399 The meaning of physical activity for older adults with leprosy: A life story inside the wall
I.-J. Chen, S.-P. Cheng and S.-J. Sheu

Short Reports

410 Focusing anti-discrimination efforts in areas of most relevance to people affected by leprosy
A.T. Van ‘T Noordende, V.L. Krylova, M. Duck and P. Kuipers

416 Engaging with disability organisations in Uganda
K. Moses, C. Kasang, E. Hirsch, J. Kawuma and P. Kuipers


419 Gender and leprosy-related stigma in endemic areas: A systematic review
J.I.R. Dijkstra, W.H. Van Brakel and M. Van Elteren

Case Report

441 Borderline leprosy presenting as immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome: Two cases
O. Faye, A. Fomba, A. Dicko, S. Berthé, B. Traoré, L. Cissé, K. Coulibaly, A. Keita, B. Guindo, Y. Fofana, Y. Karabinta, M. Gassama, S. Sow and S. Keita

448 Obituary