161 Editor’s Choice – June 2017
P. Saunderson

Original Papers

162 The decline of autochthonous leprosy in the Valencia Region of Spain: patterns and trends 1940–2015
I. Suárez-García, J.R.G. Echevarría, F.M. Cervera, D. Gómez-Barroso and P.E.M. Fine

174 Serodiagnosis of leprosy and follow-up of household contacts using a commercial rapid test containing ND-O/LID-1 antigens
E.A. Silva, P.S. Rosa, A.F.F. Belone, N.M.B. Coelho, S. Ura and J. Tomimori

184 Detection of subclinical Mycobacterium leprae infection in children, contacts of leprosy cases, Fortaleza – Ceará, Brazil
D.S.D. Lourenço, T.A. Campelo, G.A. Cruz, P.C. De Almeida, H. De Sá Gonçalves, M.A. De Andrade Pontes, L.N.G.C. Lima and C.C. Frota

197 Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) necessitating modification of multi-drug therapy (MDT) in Hansen’s disease: a retrospective study from Kerala, India
B. Ambooken, S. George, N. Azeez, N. Asokan and T.D. Xavier

208 A prospective randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial on the effect of extended clofazimine on Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL) in multibacillary (MB) leprosy
A. Maghanoy, M. Balagon, P. Saunderson and P. Scheelbeek

217 The diagnostic dilemma of erythema nodosum leprosum - a clinicohistological study
D. Chatterjee, U.N. Saikia, T. Narang and S. Dogra

227 Leprosy and Hepatitis C co-infection: Epidemiological data from the Leprosarium, Srinagar, Kashmir, India
Saleem-Ur-Rehman, S.M. Kadri, K. Rehana, I. Gergianaki, D.F. Ahmad and A. Abdullah

237 Balance control is compromised in patients with leprosy
L.A.P. Viveiro, J. De Oliveira Marques Vieira, M.A.B. Trindade and C. Tanaka

244 Epidemiology and assessment of the physical disabilities and psychosocial disorders in new leprosy
patients admitted to a referral hospital in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
S.H.L. Moura, M.A.F. Grossi, L.F. Lehman, S.P. Salgado, C.A. Almeida, D.T. Lyon, S. Lyon and M.O.C. Rocha

258 Testicular dysfunction in men affected by lepromatous leprosy
Mashfiqul-Hasan, Farhana-Quyum, M. Atiqur-Rahman and Sandesh-Panthi

Short Reports

265 Footwear for the person with an anesthetic foot: what options are available?
P. Gupta, Karthikeyan and R.J. Nathan

270 Improving quality of care using mobile technology: experiences from the Urban Leprosy Project in Kolkata,India
V. Lal, S. Das, S. Pal, S.R. Dhali, A. Sarkar and G. Srinivas

Case Reports

274 Sensory mononeuritis: differentiating pure neural leprosy from non-systemic vasculitic neuropathy
P. Tsouni, J.A. Lobrinus, A.J. Steck and T. Kuntzer

280 Palmoplantar, Genital and Lip involvement in a de novo case of Histoid leprosy
A.K. Tiwary, P. Kumar and S. Agrawal

285 An unusual presentation of lepromatous leprosy as verrucous growth in the oral cavity
S. Shrestha, D. Karn, K.C. Shekhar and A. Mishra

Letter to the Editor

290 High-resolution ultrasonography for leprosy neuropathy evaluation
H.B. Lugão, M.A.C. Frade, W. Marques-Jr, N.T. Foss and M.H. Nogueira-Barbosa

292 Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation