1 Editor’s Choice – March 2017 P. Saunderson

Original Papers

2 Impact of socio-economic development, contact and peer counselling on stigma against persons affected by leprosy in Cirebon, Indonesia – a randomised controlled trial D. Dadun, W.H. Van Brakel, R.M.H. Peters, M. Lusli, M.B.M. Zweekhorst, J.G.F. Bunders and Irwanto

23 Cultural validation of a new instrument to measure leprosy-related stigma: the SARI Stigma Scale Dadun, R.M.H. Peters, W.H. Van Brakel, M. Lusli, R. Damayanti, J.F.G. Bunders and Irwanto

43 Assessment of stigma among people living with Hansen's disease in south-east Nigeria P.O. Ibikunle and S.C. Nwokeji

58 Stigmatisation and discrimination: Experiences of people affected by leprosy in Southern Ghana M. Dako-Gyeke, E. Asampong and R. Oduro

75 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices relating to Leprosy among Public Health Care Providers in Colombo, Sri Lanka M.P. Wijeratne and T. Østbye

85 Physical disability and its social and functional repercussions in patients with leprosy after discharge from multidrug therapy N.C. Rodrigues, L.E. Castro, J.G. Silva, A.P. Fontana, B.C. Neto, V. William Sá and M.K. Gomes

95 Nerve decompression for leprous neuropathy: A prospective study from Ecuador E.L. Wan, J. Noboa, P.A. Baltodano, R.M. Jousin, W.B. Ericson, J.P. Wilton, G.D. Rosson and A.L. Dellon

109 Characteristics of neuropathic pain after multidrug therapy in a tertiary referral centre for leprosy: A cross-sectional study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A.P. Gosling, M.D.T. Kenedi, A.J.L.A. Da Cunha, F.J.J.D. Reis, V.L.R. De Castro Halfoun, L.M. De Vilhena Saadi and M.K. Gomes

122 Demography, clinical presentation and laboratory diagnosis of leprosy by microscopy, histopathology and PCR from Dhaka city in Bangladesh M.S. Alam, S.M. Shamsuzzaman and K.Z. Mamun

131 Clinical Presentation and Serum Antibody Reactivity of Leprosy Patients Attending a Dermatology Clinic in Caracas, Venezuela E.M. Rada, M.S. Duthie, D. Bellorín, S. Morales and L. Crespo

142 Histopathology of skin lesions of leprosy before and after fixed duration treatment S. Sasidharanpillai, A. Govindan, N. Riyaz, M.P. Binitha, S.P. Parambath, A. Khader, P. Pavithran, D.N. Sureshan, N. Chandrasekhar and N. Haridas

154 Corneal astigmatism in leprosy and its importance for cataract surgery B. Nongrum, S. Chacko, P.T. Mathew and Paulson

159 Obituary – Prof. José Terencio de las Aguas