449 Editor's Choice – December 2016 P. Saunderson


450 Pure or Primary neuritic Leprosy (PNL) B. Kumar

Original Papers

456 A critical appraisal on pure neuritic leprosy from India after achieving WHO global target of leprosy elimination T. Narang, K. Vinay, S. Kumar and S. Dogra

464 High resolution sonographic examination: a newer technique to study ulnar nerve neuropathy in leprosy S. Gupta, S. Bhatt, S.K. Bhargava, A. Singal and S. Bhargava

476 Spatial distribution of leprosy in Nigeria O.J. Daniel, O.A. Adejumo, K.S. Oritogun, O. Omosebi, J. Kuye and G. Akang

486 Intrapatient comparison of Mycobacterium leprae by VNTR analysis in nasal secretions and skin biopsy in a Brazilian leprosy endemic region L.N.G.C. Lima, A.N.B. Fontes, W. Li, P.N. Suffys, V.D. Vissa, R.M.S. Mota, R.L.F. Almeida, M.A. Pontes, H.D.S. Gonçalves, C.C. Frota, L.C. Rodrigues, C. Kendall and L.R.F.S. Kerr

501 TlyA protein of Mycobacterium leprae: a probable bio-marker of active infection H. Deval, K. Katoch, D.S. Chauhan, A.K. Tyagi, R.K. Gupta, R. Kamal, A. Kumar, V.S. Yadav, V.M. Katoch and T. Hussain

516 Corticosteroid therapy in borderline tuberculoid leprosy patients co-infected with HIV undergoing reversal reaction: a clinical study
P.J. Secchin-De-Andrade, M. De Andrea Vilas-Boas Hacker, A.M. Sales, F. Dalvi-Garcia, J.A. Da Costa Nery, V.M. Menezes and E.N. Sarno

Case Reports

526 Lucio phenomenon of leprosy LL type on pregnancy: A Rare Case C.R.S. Prakoeswa, N. Herwanto, R.I. Agusni, F.R. Natalya, M.Y. Listiawan,
D. Adriaty, R. Wahyuni, I. Iswahyudi and I. Agusni

532 Autochthonous lepromatous leprosy in a Spanish woman with burns on both feet and skin lesions C. Gómez-Camarasa, J. Rodríguez-Granger, O. Cañadas-Moreno, A. Sampedro, L. Aliaga-Martínez and F. Cobo

536 Strongyloides hyper infection in a steroid dependent leprosy patient J. Darlong

543 Difficult diagnosis and challenging treatment – a report on leprosy S. Marahatta, S. Agrawal and P. Paudyal

Short Reports

548 Adaptive shortening of long flexor in patients with claw hand: A short report P. Gupta, K.K. Joshua and T. Jahan

553 Protocol for a Randomised Controlled Trial Investigating Decompression for Leprous Neuropathy (The DELN Protocol) E.L. Wan, A.F. Rivadeniera, H.A. Serrano, I. Napit, J.A. Garbino, J. Joshua, N. Cardona-Castro, A.L. Dellon and W. Theuvenet

Letter to the Editor

562 Perspective of Sensory ataxia in leprosy S.V. Khadilkar, A.M. Huchche, N.D. Patil, M. Singla and S.S. Pandya

564 19th International Leprosy Congress: the Plenary Sessions W.C.S. Smith

570 From the new ILA President

573 Obituary – Dr. Yo Yuasa